Moss wall – perfect choice for people and their interiors

F_Machova stena skvela volba

Within living memory represents nature such a place for human being, which beside food hunting had played and still playes important role for regeneration and recharge of life power. Today, in urbanization age, human beings are more and more surrounded by manmade environment, which is not natural for them. That´s just it is very needed to create such environments, where people could connect to nature and natural elements and by this form great place for living, relaxing or working. Biophilic design is an innovative way how to connect interiors to nature and natural elements. It consists of 14 patterns helping with creation of not only pleasant, but furthermore beneficial interior for people. One out ot mentioned 14 patterns of Biophilic design is visual connection to nature. Based on many researches visual connection to nature improves attention and mental acitivity, positively influences overall happiness and decreases blood pressure and heart rate.  Moss walls are perfect choice for visual connection to nature as they are produced from 100% natural moss, which due to special preservation offers following advantages:

  • NO MAINTENANCE – moss wall does not need any watering nor any other maintenance
  • HYDROSCOPIC – ability to serve as humidity indicator and to act as moisture absorbent
  • SOUND ABSORBER – moss wall reduces sound in interiors significantly
  • HYPOALLERGIC – no germs or pests
  • FIRE-RESISTANT – preserved moss is fire-resistant
  • SOFTNESS – moss wall from preserved moss is very soft and mild for touch

It is possible to utilize all benefits, which moss walls are offering, in every interior and on every surface. In the next part we are going to pursue with the theme of moss walls´ application in different interiors.

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